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The worst part about taking my dog out is having to put on pants. 

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so what oils do you use for colds?

Asked by Anonymous

I actually have a cold right now. I know, in the summer - it’s a cruel joke. I rub thieves oil on my feet and peppermint oil on my neck so I can breathe. Sweet, sweet relief. That and the usual chugging of green tea with lemon throughout the day. If you put peppermint oil on a washcloth and put it on the shower floor while you take a nice hot shower, it’s like minty, soothing bliss (I get headaches when I’m stuffed up). Anywho. Hope this helps! 

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I don’t want you to be my sunshine. I want lightning and thunder.

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My love will tear you from limb to limb

Unless you are a mountain

Because I am relentless and I am wind

You believe you are not drowning.

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Blow me away

Every piece of my soul

Like dandelion petals listing on the wind

Ask me to stay

Become part of the whole

A tribe pitching their tents along the bend.

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If he was the last person I kissed

Why would I want to ruin my lips?

I’ll paint a mural with my breath

And wait for this one’s final death.

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An ant bit my toe

I’m having trouble keeping fiction from truth

My memories are just as sharp as my dreams

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So I’ve done the whole homeless thing. Now it’s time for a really hardcore refugee simulation. Which involves snow, no sleep, killing a chicken for food, and plenty of weather exposure.

I’ve never been so giddy for anything in my entire life. 

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