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I feel miserable, wretched, dirty, and worthless and I’m overcome with the desire to give up but I’m just so close. 

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I know it can be odd to see someone love themself

It’s not what we’re taught

It is almost offensive

Freedom is an insult to those in chains. 

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Does you mental voice? Go really high? When I type like this? 

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The best part of my Easter was that my university didn’t email me for ONE WHOLE DAY

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Can the sun see the stars for its own light? 

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Today I want clean sheets

Flowers in my hair

Sun in my veins

Music in my ears. 

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I had healed and grown so much and now he’s telling me he still loves me and I really do think he’s just going to break my heart again. 

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72 East

Stale coffee stained my breath

I pressed myself into your chest

My arms enclose what seems like air

Grasping for you to be truly there


Don’t go

To another whom I cannot compare

A city of wasted ideals and wealth

I pour myself out to seek your health. 

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I have learned that people are

 Always skeptical of grace.

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Whoever said ballet was a non-contact sport didn’t get dropped on their forearms from four feet up. #leagueofinternationalninjaballerinas 

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Confession: I like mealy apples, I like crisp ones too, but I really enjoy mealy ones. 

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We looked at the oncoming storm

Watching the clouds gather 

Pressure in our heads building up

Hearts started speeding

A swarm of feelings bouncing in our ribcage

Some of them escaped through words

Jumping forward or running back

Choices open except safety 

Along with fear and risk and insult

We slid our hearts out of our sheaths. 

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