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I’m gonna take a little hiatus since I’m moving back to Ohio this weekend and all that jazz. Plus, mental and emotional health is important, and sometimes you need to unplug from some areas of your life and plug in to others to stay healthy, balanced, and connected. I love you all. I’ll be back soon (: 

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glad you’re getting this out of your system because i am almost gone

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I want your glorious platitudes

Regale me with your epics

Your dreams, voyages, victories

I would have it no other way

Than to be enraptured by the splendor

Of your triumphant tales.

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It can’t always be roses and sunshine

Sometimes it has to be oregano and fog

Some days it’s chilly with a light drizzle

It can’t all be buttercups and sugar cane 

At times it’s cattails and poison oak

It can’t be moss and waterfalls always

But I smile in the way that infuriates 

"Yes, but sometimes the forest needs the fire

In order to live and learn again.”

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You are so cute!1!! Single? :)

Asked by Anonymous

As a pringle. 

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I wish I could think about this forever. What does it mean to truly abide? It’s so intimate. So close. So life-giving and full of ease. 

Closer than my breath. Closer than the blood pumping through my veins. Deeper than my consciousness. Vaster than my thoughts. 

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Conversate With Your God

These sordid inhospitalities

Do make for a most pitiable pirate


Am the one shortening the curtains

Shouting obscenities at the Maker

Such as, and not only,



And with what army?

Ah, but yes, my clock is undone

We are but shadows and candles

Is that not so?

Who am I to demand such


As sustenance and gasp-


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hi :) how are you? are you feeling okay?

Asked by Anonymous

Hello! I will be just fine, I know it. I’m trying to sort some things out and sometimes I don’t do that in healthy ways. Thanks for stopping by, kind anon (:

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I’m hitting a wall. I’m so restless. This is not where I’m supposed to be. This is not what I want to spend my time doing. 

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