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Today I want clean sheets

Flowers in my hair

Sun in my veins

Music in my ears. 

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I had healed and grown so much and now he’s telling me he still loves me and I really do think he’s just going to break my heart again. 

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72 East

Stale coffee stained my breath

I pressed myself into your chest

My arms enclose what seems like air

Grasping for you to be truly there


Don’t go

To another whom I cannot compare

A city of wasted ideals and wealth

I pour myself out to seek your health. 

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I have learned that people are

 Always skeptical of grace.

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Earl Grey of course, and lady grey, chamomile, green tea, yellow tea, hibiscus. :)

Earl Grey: How do you take your tea? 

Most of the time plain, but Earl Grey specifically I sweeten it a little with honey and stir a splash of milk in (: 

Lady Grey: Favorite outfit? 

I love my riding boots with skinny jeans and a flowy top.

Chamomile: Comfort movie?

Probably The Truman Show or Lord of the RIngs.

Green tea: Where do you feel most at peace?

Dancing in the studio or on stage, and when there’s warm wind and sunshine outside.

Yellow tea: Favorite quote?

"Love God and do as you please." - St. Augustine. 

Hibiscus: What would your ideal day consist of?

Exploring and adventuring with friends or a friend, trying something new, listening to good music, enjoying good tea or coffee, and having meaningful conversation with lots of laughter. 

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Whoever said ballet was a non-contact sport didn’t get dropped on their forearms from four feet up. #leagueofinternationalninjaballerinas 

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Confession: I like mealy apples, I like crisp ones too, but I really enjoy mealy ones. 

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We looked at the oncoming storm

Watching the clouds gather 

Pressure in our heads building up

Hearts started speeding

A swarm of feelings bouncing in our ribcage

Some of them escaped through words

Jumping forward or running back

Choices open except safety 

Along with fear and risk and insult

We slid our hearts out of our sheaths. 

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If the Lord is sustaining you, you will never be purposeless again.

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I survived being homeless. Met a lot of amazing people, ate out of dumpsters, slept outside, witnessed a small gun fight, and learned a lot about myself and what people can acheive when they band together. 

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I apologize to all the people who I expected to love me like the way God does. It was unrealistic and very damaging. 

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I’m gonna be homeless for a weekend so don’t unfollow me please. You’ll get to here all about it. And I mean homeless as in dumped in a city with nothing but the clothes I’m wearing and a sleeping pad. Eep.

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My blind friend Ginny literally will complain about the color of the walls or tell the person driving there’s a car coming and we fall for it every single time. 

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