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I think I’m just gonna take some time and paint it out. It’s been a really roller coaster week, and I just really need to make sure that I’m ok, I’m on track, I’m safe and healthy and making good choices. Gotta stay on top - it’s not like the first time us wolves have been alone with the moon and our ghosts, night after night. 

That’s why God gave us teeth and claws and savage hearts.

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Do any of my followers speak Romanian? I need help?

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Our lawn mower desires

Left empty house fires

I shot up flares a lot

But wolves were all I got

I gave up when they tore at my soul

Because I thought I needed to be whole

You ask yourself how it could get to this point

But you remember the day, the time, and the joint. 

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One Day

One day you will meet a girl who has a windchime for a laugh

And you will love the smell of her hair

And the sparkle of her eyes when she is amused

She will make your heart skip for something mysterious

And her words will paint pictures of new worlds

You will want to memorize the lines her body makes

When she is pressed against you close

And you will listen to her wonderings

As if they were keys to the unknown 

Beautiful bridges connecting your own nation

To a strong, winsome ally in her freckles, her nose, her hands

She will read you in every way

Finding your secrets to be delightful fountains of rejoicing

Filling her mind with your ideals, beliefs, the crook of your arm

The two of you will strike out

On a new, tantalizing adventure

Never to end

And I will be just fine.

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I Miss You

Endless heartbeats 

Reverberating pulses

Drizzling rains

Hushed breathing

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Miguel died in a fishing accident. 

I thought I would see you again.

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We stab with toothpick swords

Hoping to wound the unrighteous 

With the force of emotion

And the transport of logic

Yet they are so embedded

In our own thistly barbs

That we rip our skin trying to reach

The reprehensible walls of error.

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Today I love everyone and everything. 

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Some of us start the fires

Others run toward the burning buildings.

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The toothpaste on the mirror heard all his secrets

The breathing of a Californian broccoli farmer

Transplanting his family into another corner

All is campo

Now we can walk to the tienda

There is a bus stop the children can reach

His voice coated in molasses 

Sounding out the language of the town

The money will come

It always does

Until the day it doesn’t.

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